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While there are similarities between GoBob's Satellite Dealers and GoBob's Super Dealers, in that both have extensive knowledge of our products. A satellite dealer differs in that their inventory belongs to GoBob, they have access to all GoBob products, and for the most part, they quote the same prices* as the GoBob home office.

Some of our larger products may have small partial freight adjustments.

More Choices

A GoBob satellite dealer has access to ALL GoBob's inventory, regardless of where it is stored. If they don't have what you need, they can get on the computer and get it brought to their yard for you to pick up. Or, for a very small additional charge, they can deliver it to your door.


The goals of the GoBob's satellite dealers include:

  • 1. You get to see, touch, and feel before you buy.
  • 2. More convenient pick up. Closer to your farm.
  • 3. Make better use of our extensive inventory. More choices.
  • 4. Faster delivery.

Honesty and Good Service

Most of GoBob's satellite dealers are family-owned companies that also operate another business. The common thread that ALL our satellite dealers have, is that they are required to have a reputation for HONESTY and SERVICE!


They are all carefully screened and interviewed by Bob himself. It is a tedious process and that's why we only have a couple when we start this program in February 2023. After all, they are representing GoBob!.

Freedom Ag Supply, LLC

Coming soon!

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PRODUCTS: From time to time, small changes in design or materials used in these products may occur and we cannot always make the changes to photographs or content very quickly. Slight variations may occur to the products depicted on this page.

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