LakeSide Squeeze Chutes by GoBob

Removable Branding Doors

Quick detaching branding doors for easier access for inspections.

LS-350 Squeeze Chute Branding Doors

Removable Foot Doors

Quick detaching foot doors for easier access for calving.

LS-350 Squeeze Chute Branding Doors

Removeable Brisket Bar

The Removeable Brisket Bar can be installed or deinstalled in minutes! Vertical Restraining Pipes (Not Pictured) are available as well.

LS-350 Squeeze Chute Brisket Bar

You Won't Find Any Grease Zerts on a LakeSide... Are You Kidding Me!!!

All LakeSide Squeeze Chutes are outfitted with Nylon Bushings, opposed to the traditional grease zert. These bushings will outlive the old way of doing so with no maintenance or mess to clean up!

LS-350 Squeeze Chute Bushing


Did you know that the LS 350 weighs 3100 lbs.  This compares to some very good chutes that weigh 1800 lbs.  Without being boringly specific, the weight indicates a lot more steel and thicker walls of the components of the chute.   The LS 450 weighs 6000 lbs.

LS-350 Squeeze Chute


Things you can’t see – Lakeside is the only chute manufacturer that we know that can turn a chute upside down during manufacturing to weld the seams on the bottom side of frame and the cross members under the floor.   Speaking of cross members (to support the floor), most manufacturers use flat bar.  Lakeside uses 1 ½” square cross members with ¼” wall.  This is just one of the examples of heavier materials used throughout the manufacturing of these chutes.

LS-350 Squeeze Chute

LS 350 – A Hydraulically Assisted Hybrid chute. Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Wtih Hydraulically assisted controls, you could run cattle through this chute all day and not break a sweat!

LS-350 Squeeze Chute

Hydraulic Assist Operation

Easy to use throw lever allows for hydraulic assist on the Squeeze and Head Sweep Operations.

LS-350 Squeeze Chute Branding Doors

Duel Function Release

The Open lever will release the Squeeze or Head Sweep (Dependent on Squeeze/Sweep lever)

LS-350 Squeeze Chute Branding Doors

LS 450 – The most efficient fully Hydraulic squeeze chute money can buy.

All hydraulic components used in Lakeside chutes are supplied by an Italian hydraulics manufacturer.  Italy engineers hydraulics like Germany engineers automobiles.  Yes, we would love to use components made in America, as everything else is, but there were not any American suppliers that were willing to build what we needed with the tolerances we required.  For example, the head gate on the LS 450 can be adjusted to close in as quickly 0.41 seconds to as slow as 1 minute and 38 seconds.  These tolerances are also critical on the hydraulically assisted LS 350.  Overall, the life expectancy of Lakeside hydraulics is 100 times greater than any other hydraulics.  Do they cost more?  Of course, at least initially, but it is highly unlikely you will have a hydraulic failure right in the middle of processing your herd or ever have to replace them.


Take Control From Anywhere

Operate 100% of the chute from inside or outside of the chute. Hydraulic controls rotate nearly 300° around the chute.



If you are ready to lower the stress on your animals AND on your crew, making for a SAFER and more EFFICIENT operation or to learn more about these amazing pieces of equipment, call today or if after hours, click here.

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PRODUCTS: From time to time, small changes in design or materials used in these products may occur and we cannot always make the changes to photographs or content very quickly. Slight variations may occur to the products depicted on this page.

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