Bob rebuilt the Pyramid Hay Trailer to be stronger, tougher, meaner, and better.

Check out our Better Built Double Wide Hay Trailer. All you guys who loved the Pyramid Hay Trailer, we guarantee this will help you face your toughest challenges on the ranch.

And, as always, Bob stands by our products 100%.

Pyramid Hay Trailer

A Row Above the Competition!

GoBob is proud to announce our new line of 3 row hay trailers, the Pyramid Hay Trailer! These bad boys handle 4′ or 5′ round bales from 12 bale all the way up to 27* hay bale capacities!

Pyramid Hay Trailer

*27 4 foot bales, or 24 5 foot bales.

Pyramid Hay Trailer - Hyrdraulic Animation


Pyramid Trailers are round bale trailers operated by hydraulic cylinders allowing you to sit safely and comfortably in the cab of your truck while dumping your load of bales.  Those same cylinders will also raise the support arms back into place for the next load.  No more getting out and manually releasing the cradles OR having to figure out how to lift those heavy things back into place.

Easy to Load:

Easy to Unload:

Reasons to Go with a Pyramid Hay Trailer:

Pyramid Hay Trailer

All Trailers come with Mudflaps and Fenders

Pyramid Hay Trailer

Electric over Hydraulic Cylinders with Remote

Pyramid Hay Trailer

Our 4x4x3/16 Frame is Un-Cut, creating a stronger Frame

Pyramid Hay Trailer

Our Back-up Camera option provides a clear picture of the road behind you… All you have to do is turn your lights on!


Stack, Haul AND Unload 3 Rows of Bales
12″ 19# I-Beam Gooseneck Hitch provides Extra Strength and Stability
Under 102″ Unloaded for Legal Travel
LED Lighting, including Clearance and Tag Light
12K Electric over Hydraulic Jack Available

Pyramid Hay Trailer

5′ Round Bale Capacity 12 Bale 12 Bale 15 Bale 18 Bale 21 Bale
4′ Round Bale Capacity 15 Bale 15 Bale 18 Bale 21 Bale 24 Bale
Length 22 Ft Long 22 Ft Long 27 Ft Long 33 Ft Long 38 Ft Long
Axel Type 1-12,000 lb Dual 2-10,000 lb Dual 2-10,000 lb Dual 2-12,000 lb Dual Coming Soon
Tires Size ST235 85 R16 – 14 ply ST235 80 R16 – 10 ply ST235 80 R16 – 10 ply ST235 85 R16 – 14 ply Coming Soon
Empty Trailer Weight 4,380 TBD 4,980 6,680 Coming Soon

Standard Equipment:

  • New Spare Tire & Wheel
  • LED Clearance Marker Lights
  • LED Stop / Turn / Tail
  • LED Center Brake / Turn ID Bar
  • Electronic Brakes
  • Under 102″ Wide Unloaded for Legal Transport
  • 12″ 19# I-Beam Constructed Gooseneck
  • 2-12,000 lb Spring Loaded Trailer Jacks
  • Ability to Stack and Haul 3 Rows of Bales
  • Heavy Duty Frame Throughout
  • Fenders and Mudflaps
  • 2 Rephrasing Hydraulic Cylinders (4 on 21 Bale Trailer)
  • Hydraulic Dump and Reset from your Truck Hydraulic System (with purchase of Valve & Hoses)
  • Hydraulic Powerpack with Remote and Manual Controls on Trailer Hitch
  • 12V Battery
  • Mechanical Safety Lock by Design
  • Manual Safety Lock for Additional Security
  • Battery Charges thru Auxiliary Plug on Trailer

Optional Equipment

  • Replacement Remotes
  • Selector Valve & Hose for Truck Hydraulic Connection
  • 12K Hydraulic 24″ Lift Bigfoot Jack Single Leg w/ Remote

Pyramid Hay Trailers

Sold by GoBob Pipe & Steel

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