Better Built Double Wide Hay Trailer

GoBob Has Gone Double!

After years of resisting the temptation to offer double wide hay trailers, we are learning that some states are making them legal. So in the tradition of the Red Rhino, we have taken a good trailer and made it the best.


You will notice that the 12, 14 and 16 bale models have two 10,000 lbs. axles. Grease packed hubs are used because we have learned they are more dependable for trailers may sit for prolonged period of time.

Dual Jacks

Most of the competition has one jack to support the trailer. It didn’t make sense to us to have one 10,000 lb. jack mounted on a trailer that could have up to 20,000 lbs. on it.

You will notice that our trailers have two jacks, which we believe are a necessity for trailer that may carry up to 16 large bales. Just one of the many details that GoBob does not overlook.


Top mount springs are utilized to add clearance in the hay field and provide stability for large loads.

Safety First

Conduit protected wiring and LED lights are standard, including side marker lights for safety.

Two Sizes Available: 14 Bale & 16 Bale

The spec differences between the 16 bale and the 14 bale are:

  • Change the cradle length to 42 feet
  • 2 – 12,000 lb. axles
  • 8 – 16 inch all steel 14 ply radial tires
  • 30,000 lb. coupler Bottom frame 3/8” wall tubing, includes bridge truss
  • GVWR 25,990 lbs.

Got a lot of hay to move? Save time and money by putting one of these big hay haulers to use today!

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