Black Rhino Hay Trailer

Better, Stronger, Tougher

This is GoBob’s brand-new heavy duty inline hay trailer, where we took the best and made it even better, stronger, and tougher. This is a hay trailer on steroids!

Heavy Duty Pipe

We jumped up to a beefy 9 5/8″ OD 3/8″ wall main tube. This stuff weighs 37 pounds per foot!

We doubled up the rail supports where it counts, too. We added extra rail supports at the hinge and latch area of the trailer, where all the action happens.

18,000 Pounds of Hay Hauling Capacity

We stepped up the axle department with three American-made Dexter 6k axles.

All three axles have electric brakes as well, so you’ll have plenty stopping power to go along with the 18,000 pounds of hay hauling capacity!

Get Yours Today

The GoBob Black Rhino is available in 42-foot models, so you can haul 8 five-foot bales or 10 four-footers.

If you’ve got to haul a lot of hay, you need the best hay trailer built. Give us a call to make sure you get yours.

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