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What Customers Say About Our Hay Trailers

RED RHINO®. The best hay trailer you can own. Period!

“Shortly after purchasing a Red Rhino hay trailer,” Jim Pearce of Crestwood , KY. emails:

“I have hauled 7 loads of round bales on my Red Rhino hay trailer. Everything worked as advertised. It is a great piece of equipment for moving round bales. We traveled from Crestwood , KY to Bixby, OK., a 1409 mile round trip and I would not hesitate to do it again to get a Red Rhino hay trailer.”
– Jim Pearce

It usually takes me four days to haul in my hay…

Just bought your 40 foot Red Rhino hay trailer. It’s incredible. It usually takes me four days to haul in my hay. Did it all in less than a day!

– Darren S.
Haskell, Oklahoma


I have a red rhino 36 ft. I could not do without it. My Red Rhino is so much faster than two tractors an trailer. I can haul 2 or 3 loads while getting ready the old way. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to save time an money.

– Terry Franklin

Testimonial from a Client

Yes, do do you have the best hay trailer on the market; and just as important, you’ve put together a fantastic team. Luke and Shannon brought together a deal that became pretty rocky midstream. Shannon understood with sincerity a show-stopping customer-sided issue that came up during the sale. Had she reacted otherwise, there would have been no closure. Luke volunteered to meet me more than halfway (literally) when he offered to haul the trailer to Dallas so that I would have it before leaving the country on business this weekend.

There are far too few businesses left in our country that care about maintaining a good ol’ fashioned reputation…GoBob is obviously one of them.

I am one very satisfied customer….

Tom Metzler
T&J Ranch
Centerville, TX

625 Loads in 5 MONTHS, Still GOOD AS NEW!

We have hauled 625 loads of Hay and Corn Stalks since we bought the trailer in August of 2012.

– Perry Troyer, 1/10/13