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Whether you need a loafing shed, winter protection for your calves or a complete calving facility. GoBob has a shed to meet your needs. All our buildings are HEAVY DUTY steel building that will last a lifetime but are still portable. They are delivered assembled and ready to use, just the way you ordered them. Shown below are various buildings we have sold. We will attempt to show you the quality that goes into the construction.

This is a classic loafing shed, a base livestock shelter without any options. This particular one is 12 ft deep x 24 ft long. Remember, you have a choice of 18 colors.

12ft x 24ft shelter with optional drop down front, calf gates & tin guard.

End view of shelter gives you an idea how deep they are. Great thing about them is their portability. We have some customers that face them to the North in the summer then spin them around and face them to the South in the winter.

Rear view of a 12 x 24. This picture reminds me. I have a lady that reports that in the fall she brings her shed up near the house and the horses use it all winter. When spring comes, she drags it back out to the pasture then she plants her vegetable garden where the shed was all winter!

This is the front view of a deluxe calving facility complete with a head gate. There are five gates in this building including two calf gates. While they are difficult to see in these pictures, they are a really inexpensive but beneficial option. The gate is "split" where you can open the lower half to let the calves in and out while keeping the cows out!

Same building as above. This is a 12 x 36 but we can also build this arrangement in a 12 x 24. Notice the near stall has a gate that hinges to the left side of the head gate. This gate swings in then locks in place to form an alley. After the calf is born, an adjacent gate opens to allow the calf into a safe, dry environment. Notice the ever-present steel skids that make this building PORTABLE!

This picture illustrates the steel tubing skids with chain loops that are standard on all of our livestock shelters.

This is a picture of the head gate and we want you to know that if you are partial to a particular brand we will be happy to install it for you. Look above the head gate though and notice the ends of the steel tubing are sealed to prevent insects from nesting. Also notice the steel railing around the walls of the shed behind the head gate. This is what we call "tin guard". It protects the steel siding of your shelter.


"That 12x24 is BUILT LIKE A ROLL CAGE!"

From Our Contact Form:
 I just wanted to brag on my 12 x 24 horse shed ... it stood in the same spot for 6 years. I bought it from GoBob when you all were in Bixby.  Yesterday (7-29-11) an intense downburst storm over our neighborhood at 191st & hw 75 picked up the shed, carried it several yards and dumped it upside down.  After we had a guy with a tractor come flip it back over today, we were able to get it back into the spot where it stands.  It is back doing its job with very little damage.  I am so proud of this shed and wanted to let you know.

- Charline Lovelace
Mounds, Oklahoma

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PRODUCTS: From time to time, small changes in design or materials used in these products may occur and we cannot always make the changes to photographs or content very quickly. Slight variations may occur to the products depicted on this page.

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