Cattlemen’s Association Scholarship Program


GoBob gives back! Everyone knows our Junior Cattlemen are our future and those who are interested in follow in in our footsteps deserve a chance to learn as much about our business as possible. We want to give them every chance to be successful by funding scholarships your associations will award.


By joining the Cattlemen Scholarship Program through your association, you will enjoy the benefits of volume purchasing. GoBob and your association have set up a special pricing structure for members only. Anything you purchase will be discounted and will cost less than the prices non-members are required to pay. In addition, a portion of the proceeds will go towards the education of junior cattlemen and cattlewomen.


All callers to GoBob are asked if they are a member of their area cattlemen association by our trained sales staff, as they explain to callers how they would receive an additional discount if they were a member. GoBob will then will pass on association contact information to callers interested in joining. At the request of the association, GoBob is willing to register new members at the time of their purchase.

Scholarship Points

In addition to member discounts, a portion of the proceeds from each sale will count “Scholarship Points”.

These points will be compiled for all the members of your association. Once annually, these accumulated points will be redeemed as cash scholarship rewards to the student or students selected by your association. A GoBob representative will be present to present the scholarships.


The Bonus: Hay Monster

We will donate a Hay Monster bale feeder, annually, to every association participating in the program with the stipulation the feeder will be raffled or auctioned for scholarship funds. We would also like to be present at this auction or drawing.


The Grand Prize: Cowco 895 Squeeze Chute

GoBob Pipe & Steel and Cowco Cattle Equipment would like to reward the most active association, per capita, in the country. We will donate a $6,000+ Cowco 895 Squeeze Chute to be raffled or auctioned for scholarship funds. We would of course love to be present for this auction or drawing.


Some of our Participating Associations

Don’t see your association listed here?  Have your president give the Cattleman Scholarship Administrator a call.

The GoBob Cattlemen Scholarship Administrator joining fellow attendees of the Kansas Livestock Association Leadership Conference at the Kansas State Capital after setting in on the Senate Agriculture Committee.

The Cattlemen’s Association Scholarship Association Administrator working with fellow Kansas Livestock Association Leadership Conference members on Beef advocacy exercises.

Cattlemen’s Association Scholarship Association Administrator with Kansas Livestock Association President Frank Harper at the KLA Leadership Conference.

Our Arkansas Cattlemen’s Association Award of Appreciation – Platinum Membership Plague