The Pipe Mill

Well, the worst kept secret is out of the bag.

It has been over a year in the making, but we can now sell you pipe direct from the mill! Eventually we will be able to provide a range from 1/2″ to 2 7/8″ pipe.

Hurry – you will never buy it cheaper!
Place your order today!

Mill Installation

Mill Tour

Step 1 – Coils

These are coils that are going to be made into pipe for you!

Step 2 – Controls

From this station, capable people will make approximately 160 feet of pipe per minute!

Step 3 – Decoiler

First, a coil section is placed on the mill.

Step 4 – Leveler

Next, the coil stock is leveled.

Step 5 – Mill

Then it goes through a series of rolls that form the flat steel into pipe.

Step 6 – Mill Rollers

Rolls form this 2 3/8″ Schedule 40 into shape.

Step 7 – Welder

An Electric Resistance Welder finishes the tube.

Step 8 – Scarfer

The seam is “scarfed” to make the pipe smooth all the way around.

Step 9 – Saw

Finally, the pipe is sawed to length.