High Pressure Fence

A Continuous Fence Just for Corrals

Do you ever worry that the old 6 rail 1 ¼” panels might be a little flimsy inside your corral?

Did you ever think that maybe 10 foot post spacing was a little much where you knew you would have pressure?

You priced bigger pipe panels but they were just to high! We got the answer – 24 foot panels!

When You Need the Strongest Fence

With 24 foot panels you can place your posts on 8 ft. centers (instead of 10foot) and really strengthen your fence!

Bigger Pipe, Tougher Panels

Plus, let’s go up a size and make them out of 1 ½” instead of 1 ¼” OD pipe. This will make them almost 20% heavier.


20% more steel supported every 8 feet instead of 10 feet, makes for one tough panel!

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