Doc’s Freestanding Portable Corral Panels & Gates

Versatile, Durable, & Transportable

Set up your corral or catch pen ANYWHERE.

GoBob is currently the only company manufacturing freestanding panels from ALL NEW PIPE.

The Panels

Over 6′ tall and weighing in at 550lbs, these panels are durable and can withstand a beating. Made from all New 1.50″ Square Tubing and 1 1/4 Rails. Currently available in 10′, 12′, 20′ and 24′.

Detachable Legs that Rotate

Stacking, Transporting, Freighting, Storing. We thought of it already. Our legs detach and rotate for easy storage.

Legs Fold for Easy Storage

Built GoBob Tough

We’ve doubled up the straps with 2″ x .250 flatbar to ensure that these panels will last you a lifetime and won’t bend.

Lifetime Rustout Warranty

We include a Lifetime Rustout Warranty with our Freestanding Panels as well!

Bow Gate to Match

Freestanding 12′ Bow Gate to complete the setup. Heavy duty frame and 1 piece leg assembly, so it won’t wobble. Comes standard with a 7 bar gate.

Fast & Easy Setup

Both Panels and the Gates come with Chain & Tab connectors for easy setup and to insure that it stays together.

If you are ready to lower the stress on your animals AND on your crew, making for a SAFER and more EFFICIENT operation or to learn more about these amazing pieces of equipment, call today!

Versatile Beyond Belief

With different sizes available setups are only limited by your imagination! We build custom set-ups. Design your own or we’ll help you. Here is a few we came up with.

We’d love to see what you come up with. Tag us on Facebook to be featured on our page!

Custom Setups

Pictured with additional Alleyway and Cattle Flow® Squeeze Chute

Texas Sized Corral

Standard Corral

Dual Sorting Pens

The Okie Pen