GoBob's Design Your Corral Online!
Your Online Corral Builder

Welcome to GoBob's Online Corral Builder!

Now you can work with our products from your computer, and set up your ideal corral!

From laying out your corral fortress fencing, to spacing out your Hay Conserver Feeders, you can plan out your new corral design now! Would you like a quote? Simply fill out your email and hit submit! We'll get back to you with a quote for your new corral!

Online Corral Builder

Ready to build? HOW IT WORKS:

FIRST: This is BRAND NEW technology; only newer browsers can load the site!
When you click the link below - our Corral Designer site will test your browser. If your system is not up to date, it will request a system update. If the website loads showing you a green field and icons, you are good to start designing!

SECOND: Let's get started! Here's what you are working with:

- YOUR FIELD - You'll be working with a 100 foot by 100 foot area; every square is 10 foot by 10 foot.

- YOU ADD ITEMS - by the dropdown list at the top! Hover over an icon and select a product!

- ALL ITEMS APPEAR AT THE TOP LEFT CORNER and in the same place. Clicked fencing several times? They stacked up!   Just drag them out, they'll all be waiting in the pile.

- GOT YOUR ITEMS? Just drag and drop them where you like!

- Need to Rotate? Clicking "Rotate Items" will toggle Rotating on click; everything you click will rotate! Done? Click "Rotate Items" again.

- Change Your Mind? Did you add an extra item? Clicking "Delete Items" will cause everything you click on to be deleted! WARNING: As long as it's left on, you'll delete an item when you click on it! Done deleting? Click "Delete Items" to turn it off.

Our Online Designer is an ongoing project; feel free to Contact Us and give us feedback!

That's it - you are ready to go!

LAUNCH - Corral Designer.com

Concerned about not being up to date?

If you are using Internet Explorer: aka the 'Blue E' - It's very possible you haven't updated recently; you can follow the provided links to safely update!

If you are using Chrome - You are probably up to date, as it updates in the background; if not, it'll provide you a link!

If you are using Firefox - Have you been clicking "Yes" to updates? Now's the time to update!

Not sure? Click the link, it will test your browser!
Are you able to load the Corral Designer, add items from the drop down and rotate them? Then you are good to go!

Do you get to the website but have issues getting items or rotating them? Not on a computer or laptop currently?As stated, the Corral Designer is running brand new technology; older browsers won't be able to handle it, iPads and some Cellphones will not support it.

We are working to provide iPad support in the future; any other issue? Think of something you'd love to see? Let us know by Contacting Us!

Launch CorralDesigner.com!

PRODUCTS: From time to time, small changes in design or materials used in these products may occur and we cannot always make the changes to photographs or content very quickly. Slight variations may occur to the products depicted on this page.

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