The Hay Roll Trailer™

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Load from the side to store bales for side-by-side storage (bale bed accessible) or load from the back for conventional end-to-end windrow storage. The bales convey easily and smoothly on the rollers. No more pushing to make the bales slide on side dump trailers. This means you can use a smaller tractor, burn less fuel and a whole lot less stress on your transmission. Hauls six bales for side-to-side bale bed windrows or up to nine bales for end-to-end windrows.


The “HAYROLL” trailer unloads your bales in windrows for fast, easy access by any bale bed. No longer do you have to spin your bales before picking them up with your bale bed. That means you don’t even have to get out of your pick-up when you’re ready to feed. Just back up, squeeze & go.


No need to move your tractor or have a second tractor to unload. The “HAYROLL” unloads itself fast & easy. Just disengage the latch and the trailer bed will dump by itself. Get in your pick-up and drive away! It does all this without any mechanical devices, jacks or hydraulics!

Axles & Tires

2-7000 lb. (one brake, one idler)
235/80/R16 10 ply.

Width & Weight:

6 ½ feet
5400 lbs.


Bulldog, 2 5/16”
ball required.

Roller bed:

42 – 6 inch O.D. rollers w/ 5/8 in shoulder bolts & oil impregnated brass bushings.

Bed length:

37 ½ feet.


When unloading, your hay does not “roll”. The rollers on the bed of the “HAYROLL” trailer do the work. This means it is gentle on the strings, net wrap and the bales themselves. Even old flat-sided bales unload easily without doing further damage to the bales. Most importantly, no more hay is wasted because the groundside of the bales stays down!


The HAYROLL trailer will give you many years of trouble free service. Constructed primarily of 8 inch 15 pound beam, 7 inch 9.8 pound channel and Schedule 40 pipe, this trailer has almost twice the steel in it than most conventional hay trailers, yet it pulls like a dream.

*3-year structural warranty. Registration required.

Load from the side to store bales for side-by-side storage.
Load from the back for conventional end-to-end windrow storage.


Prototype Unit of the Hay Roll rollersMost good ideas are born of a need and the story of the Hayroll trailer is no different. It all began in the Black Hills of Missouri when Jim Hertzog, owner of MoKan Livestock Market Inc., went to see a client, Jerry Page, about bringing his calves to a sale. Jerry has a sizable herd, feeds a lot of hay, thus he stores a lot. Jim saw that Jerry had about 300 rolls stored in the traditional end-to-end windrows. Jim noticed, however, that Jerry had about 75 rolls that were lined up side-to-side. Jim thought he knew why, because Jim feeds a lot of hay also, but he wanted to know what Jerry’s reason was for moving the bales to the side-by-side position. That was a sore subject with Jerry and he almost spit when he explained to Jim. Jerry told Jim that he was hauling the bales on a side dump trailer, which naturally left them in an end-to-end windrow. Jerry further explained that he feeds his hay using a bale bed, thus he had to move the bales to the side-by-side position so he could pick them up. Then Jerry emphatically described how he hated having to move the bales twice. Well, that was the same problem Jim was having and he too, hated restacking his hay. Jim went on to tell Jerry that every time he moved hay, he thought about how he could eliminate this problem. Jim had some ideas and as the two men talked, they thought they had a solution. They agreed to partner up on the deal as they figured they could build two trailers together cheaper than they could each build one separately, so the very next day Jerry went out, One of the earlier models of Hay Rollbought a pile of steel and set out to make their idea come to fruition. “ You should have seen it,” says Jim. “It was built on an old fertilizer cart with grocery store rollers.” The problem was, however, it did not work. After several modifications, the boys were still scratching their heads. They just knew it would work but they absolutely wanted to stay away from jacks or hydraulics. That was just something else to could go wrong. Being so close and both of them being determined, they knew they needed some engineering help. So they hooked on to their contraption and went to see Jeremy Chambers at Great Plains Fabricators. When Jim & Jerry’s prototype rolled into Jeremy’s yard, Jeremy thought “What the heck is this?” but after Jim explained what they were trying to do, it made sense to Jeremy and he recognized the value of it. Well, then Jeremy took a harder look. He slowly walked around the trailer, being silent but in heavy thought. Jim and Jerry impatiently waited for Jeremy to speak again. Finally Jeremy said, “Boys, I think I can make it work”. That was good news for Jim & Jerry so they left their prototype in Jeremy’s hands.It still was not easy and Jeremy spent a lot of time, both in design and trial & error. But finally, the Hayroll was born. A perfectly balanced, mechanical free trailer that would haul and unload bales in either the traditional end-to-end style or side-to-side for use with a bale bed. Now you too can benefit from Jim, Jerry and Jeremy’s hard work.

PRODUCTS: From time to time, small changes in design or materials used in these products may occur and we cannot always make the changes to photographs or content very quickly. Slight variations may occur to the products depicted on this page.

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