Cattle Working Equipment

Cattle Working Equipment - Full System Setup - by Gobob Pipe and Steel PURCHASE THE WHOLE SYSTEM OR BY THE PIECE, AT A PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD!
Up until now, a rancher’s only choice for cattle working equipment was expensive, portable lightweight, bolt together units or ultra expensive custom made units built on site. Now you can have the luxury of PERMENANT custom units at an affordable price!

Cattle Sorting System Pieces:
Adjustable Cattle Alley
Lifetime Crowding Tub Panels
Cattle Loading Chute
Cattle Working Diverter Gate
Flat Sheeted Panels

Adjustable Alleyway

Adjustable Cattle Alley

GoBob’s adjustable cattle alley is constructed from all new schedule 40 pipe so it is heavy and built to last. This is the most versatile alley on the market.

The GoBob adjustable cattle alley comes complete with four gates. The gate on the exit end also swings in and locks to function as a pap cage. The two large center gates let you get a cow out quickly and easily if you have a problem. The small gate on the entrance end swings in or out and locks to isolate a cow in the alley or to divert one out before it gets into the alley.

GoBob’s adjustable cattle alley is 20 foot long (custom lengths are available) and adjusts from as wide as 30 inches down to 18 inches. And it does so without pins and levers!

GoBob’s exclusive ROTARY ADJUSTMENT means smooth, quite adjusting no matter how much pressure is in the alley.

Adjustable Double/Single Alley Combo

GoBob's Adjustable Double/Single Alley Combo cattle alley is constructed from all new schedule 40 pipe so it is heavy and built to last. This is the most versatile alley on the market.  It consists of a 20 foot long double lane adjustable alley that transitions down to an approximately 34 inch wide by 10 foot long single adjustable alley (overall length is approximately 35 feet).  Also available; Adjustable Double Cattle Alley (without the diverter and single alley).


Up until now, a ranchers only choice for crowding tubs were either lightweight bolt together units or very expensive permanent tubs that were custom built on site.

Now you build your own cattle-crowding tub with GoBob’s pre-manufactured radius panels for easy permanent installation. Whether you want to turn your cattle 90 degrees or 180 degrees or something in between, you can do it because we sell the panels separately.

Built to a 12-foot radius, these panels are HEAVY & built to last!


No Back Spring Loaded Latch

Even the crowding gate, complete with a “no back” spring loaded latch is sold separately. So feel free to design your own tub.

Lifetime Crowding Tub Panels

Livetime Crowding Tub Panels ready to Ship


Once again, GoBob Pipe & Steel Sales answers the need for heavy-duty livestock products at a reasonable price.

Cattle Loading Chute


Cattle Loading Chute Semi Trailer Dock Have you ever wished you has a super duty loading chute that was safe and built to last but you COULD move it if you needed to? Well, GoBob’s cattle loading chute is your answer. This cattle loading chute with ALL NEW heavy steel construction, has been built with all the convenience and safety features in mind. From the catwalk to the access gate, sheeted sides, floor plate floor and anti-slip bars!


Dual Loading Chute for Cattle

Dual Purpose cattle loading chute allows you to load semi's or stock trailers from one location by simply changing the position of the loading gate.


Now here is a time saving, money making way to sort cattle. Say you are sending cattle up a loading chute or into a squeeze chute and a cow come through that you need to kick out or divert for another purpose. Handle the job easily and safely with GoBob’s cattle working diverter gate.




Many times you need flat, un-curved sheeted panels in your system. Perhaps you want to make a non-adjustable alley. We have them, they are built to last and you can purchase them as needed.

Cattle Working Diverter Gate

PROTOTYPE: The Money Maker

The Money Maker Alley Chute


The Cornerless Crowding Tub

The Cornerless Crowding Tub - Half Tub, Full Tub


PRODUCTS: From time to time, small changes in design or materials used in these products may occur and we cannot always make the changes to photographs or content very quickly. Slight variations may occur to the products depicted on this page.

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